Cathy & Charlie’s Wedding

I had a wonderful time photographing Cathy and Charlie’s wedding. Everyone was so nice! We started off the day with jokes and laughs. Cathy told me that the week before the wedding, her office joked around with Cathy’s new last name, Wong, saying things like, “What’s Wong Cathy?” or “Cathy may not always be right, but she is never Wong.” We all had a great laugh and it really set the mood for the entire day.

Her bracelet was so gorgeous under this lighting.

The All Made Up Team did a wonderful job with their hair and make-up.

All of the rhinestones were placed carefully on each jumpsuit by Cathy’s sister, Anna.

I love this picture of the boys.

A sweet moment with mother and son before the ceremony.

I love Charlie’s reaction in this picture.


For our bridal party pictures, we headed over to The Lab, in Costa Mesa.

The sun decided to make an appearance at the worst time. It was beating down on us as we tried to find any shade we can to work with.

One of my favorites of the day.

Most of the details in the wedding were all diy. How cute are her centerpieces and name cards?

Turns out, Mr. Wong was Mr. Right. Congratulations, Cathy and Charlie! May your life be filled with joy and laughter!

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thaoie great job, lily!! you are super fast too..the wedding was just 11 days ago. I have yet to touch upon the wedding I shot that same day.

Marilyn Great job!!! The pictures are wonderful and I love, love, love the colors!!! You’re an amazing photographer

Mrs. Wong Lily,

Thank you so much for the awesome pictures. We love them and cannot wait to see the rest!

Mr. & Mrs. C & C Wong 🙂

Trang LOVE it Lily! Great job!

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