Eden Rizza

I was able to spend some time with my close friend, Joan, at Disneyland last Friday. I used to work with Joan and the last time I saw her was at her daughter Eden’s 1st birthday. I remember visiting Joan in the hospital when Eden was born. I can’t believe that she is already 2 years old. Meet Eden Rizza Collier and her crazy hair.

Her hair had a life of its own. She would not let Joan comb it down, so she left it that way. It matches her personality well.

In the second picture, I was making faces at her and she started copying me.

These branches resembles Eden’s hair a bit. I’m going to have one of these houses in my backyard one day. It will serve as my office 🙂 In the second picture on the right, Joan was bribing her with a lollipop if she would sit in the stroller. It was the only time she sat still.

Eden, I hope you know that you have a wonderful mother! Please don’t give her so much grief when you get older because she adores you. I love you, Joan!

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