I haven’t updated in a while. To be honest, it wasn’t the lack of work that has kept me away. More so, it is the loss of passion. I haven’t felt the love for photography in a while and for me, it’s about passion and inspiration. I was losing it. I concentrated more on my day job and put photography to the side. That’s not to say that I don’t love photography any longer. No, far from it! This was my way to find it again and to do it because I love it – not because it is a job to me (which is what it started to feel like). So, for the time being, I will be posting more of what I love.

And what I love right now more than anything is Ava – precious baby Ava, who I adore. The two photos below were taken a couple of months back. The first, represents her mother, Kimi, who is a Cosmetologist. The second, represents Ava’s father who is a Teacher. There were more from this series but I’ll leave you with just these for now…


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