Thanh & Luc – Maternity

Meet Thanh and Luc! They are so adorable together. Luc is my friend’s older brother. They joked that because I was taking their photos, they will have the baby sooner. The same thing happened when I took pictures for my friend. She had the baby 4 days after. The day we did the photoshoot, Thanh’s due date was in 3 weeks. Turns out, she gave birth a week after our shoot. My friend told me that my camera induces labor. Sorry…It was with great luck that we were able to shoot in such beautiful weather. The week before it was pouring rain and if we waited any longer, it would have been too late. Lea decided to make an early appearance 🙂They are overjoyed about having their first child. Thanh originally wanted to name her daughter Lily, but settled for an equally adorable name, Lea. She told me that that happens when your friends have kids – all the names are taken.
I love these two pictures.Can you feel the anticipation as Thanh nervously awaits for Lea’s arrival?Congratulations Thanh and Luc on your first child! I hope mother and child are doing well and I can’t wait to see her!

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