Santa Barbara

For our 3 year anniversary, Danh and I went to Santa Barbara with his sister and her boyfriend on their 5 year anniversary. We went for the weekend and the weather was perfect.

We started off our day at Bay Cities Deli before heading up north.  It was a really good deli but the bread was too hard and nearly cut the roof of my mouth. I was only able to eat half of my sandwich.I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to take any pictures and after taking this shot, I got yelled at by the cashier. Oops.
I was craving some ginger ale for some reason, so I got beverage to the left. I didn’t notice that the label said each bottle contained 17 grams of ginger. It was like biting into a raw ginger. It wasn’t good.

After breakfast, we headed up north to the Ostrich farm located near Solvang. It was quite an experience. We got to feed them!We also fed these scary looking emus. 

After feeding the ostriches, Danh decided to buy an egg that cost him $40.
The green eggs on the bottom are emu eggs. They look just as vicious as the emus do!Because we paid so much for the egg, we decided to have a little fun with it in the evening. It’s a bit silly but Danh and I had a good laugh. This is Eggie’s first bath.In the morning, we headed to the botanical gardens. This is Oscar. He was the most interesting thing I saw there.Afterwards, we headed over to Mission Santa Barbara to browse around. We found that the Mission was so beautiful that we decided to make it to morning mass before we headed home. The choir was incredible.
Till next time Santa Barbara!

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