Dog Beach

My sister, Quyen, had asked me a while ago if I could take pictures of her dogs. She wanted to create black and white portraits of them so that she can hang around her house. During this shoot, I shot with both digital and film. All of the photos were straight out of the camera and most of the photos seen here are film.

Let me introduce you to the dogs. Quyen has 3 dogs: Maebe, G.O.B (pronounced Jobe) and Ellie. Maebe is a half German Shepard and Husky mix; G.O.B and Ellie are both pugs. Below in the orange collar is Odie (my sister Topaz’s dog) and G.O.B is in the blue collar.

Below is Ellie and her pig tail. Don’t let her innocent face fool you. She’s a mischievous little girl!

Maebe is such a gorgeous dog, with the sweetest personality. She was adopted from the pound when she was 2 years old and she just recently turned 7. We all love her dearly! This particular day, she wanted nothing more than to chase squirrels! She wouldn’t even look at the camera.

The bottom puppy is my dog! Meet Pepper, my 4 month old Shar pei and Lab mix. This was her first time at the dog beach so she was a little curious. She laid in the sand a lot and bounced around once other dogs got near her.

The squirrel patrol…

During this trip to the dog beach, G.O.B was attached by a German Shepard. It was a terrifying moment and I’m sure everyone at the beach heard our screams. Thankfully G.O.B was ok and came out unharmed. I don’t blame the dog but what made me furious was that his owner did not take any responsibility. Not caring if G.O.B was hurt or not, he quickly ran off as soon as the crowd started to gather around us. People need to take responsibility for their dogs. It’s only right! Below is a picture of G.O.B right after the attack. He’s such a trooper!

…and my favorite shot of the day! Maebe, on guard!


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