Fun with Film

I finally got the chance to visit Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It is an amazing place with amazing views.

I just got my first film camera and I wanted to test it out. It’s not a fancy camera and It didn’t cost me nearly as much as my digital, but it is so much fun. It brings back a lot of memories from high school and the feeling of anticipation as I wait for my prints to be developed. For these photographs, I used expired film which was not stored in the most optimal place (in my car at 120 degrees heat). I’ll buy more film when my bank account allows me to.

I really like this picture. Nothing is really in focus, but I think that’s the charm of the photograph.

Sitting in LA traffic is not fun. I got bored in the car on our way back. Check out my new specks!

I wanted to finish the film so I took pictures of Danh’s nieces and nephew. Here are all of the rugrats…

From left to right: Blossom, Sarah, Phoenix, Taylor and Angela.

I love this face!

Because these photographs were taken with expired film, I’m not sure if the quality and color were affected from that. Nonetheless, I think the quality of the photos are great and since this is my first time, I’m pretty sure I will be taking more photographs with film. Time to experiment!


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