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Mammoth Mountain

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending it with Danh’s family in Mammoth. It was breathtaking! Literally! I could barely walk up the stairs without being out of breath. The elevation was hard to get used to. It was beautiful, though – and well worth the 6 hour drive […]

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Kimi and Dang’s Wedding

It’s not often that I cry at weddings, though my friends beg to differ. Aside from Dang, they put their bets in that I would be one of the first. I happen to be #3. Running on only 2 hours of sleep (Kimi only had 1), emotions ran high. Though, in the midst of winter, […]

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My little sister, Lannie, is a senior in HS and will be leaving for college in less than a year. She has yet to receive acceptance letters but I am hopeful and crossing my fingers she gets into the schools that she wants. The selfish me wants her to go to Harvard just so that […]

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