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Kimi and Dang’s Wedding

It’s not often that I cry at weddings, though my friends beg to differ. Aside from Dang, they put their bets in that I would be one of the first. I happen to be #3. Running on only 2 hours of sleep (Kimi only had 1), emotions ran high. Though, in the midst of winter, […]

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Kimi and Dang’s Wedding Shower

My cousin Kimi is getting married this Saturday! I, along with our two best friends, her sister and her future sister-in-law, make up the bridal party. During these stressful times with the holidays and wedding planning, we can really get at each other’s throats. Though, at the end of the day, we know what is […]

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Mary-Michelle & Dolf – Wedding

Back in August, I shot a beautiful wedding full of wonderful people. Mary-Michelle and Dolf have such a great, supporting family that it was difficult not to get emotional. Dolf’s mother is no longer with them and honored her by having Mary-Michelle carry her turquoise rosary down the aisle. It was such a sweet gesture. […]

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